Studies in game development

Kajaani University offers the possibility to start studies in the Informations Technology field through carefully designed courses, allowing those with no previous knowledge to apply and study.


The courses are online based (apart from project studies) and students do not need to attend lectures in the first part of the program. The graph below shows how the studies are structured.

Students who already study can join the program and study on their own independently.

Each of the courses and programs has its own exams and tasks. Program participants are graded based on the completed tasks and exams within each of the courses. The students with the highest total scores will be given the KAMK study right towards a Bachelors degree.

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6 weeks

Introductory courses to Information Technology studies

Pre-requisite courses


5 months

Advanced studies on game development technologies.

Minor studies


2 months

Group project with other students from the program.

Project course

Educational background

The program is open to students who have graduated from their national K-12 studies. The programs organized by KAMK are University level studies conducted as part of the international degree in Bachelor's Degree Business Information Technology.


Through the programs mentioned above, students earn up to 40 ECTS credits. For the students who are chosen to continue their studies in Finland, a total of 210 ECTS will be required to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.

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At KAMK, we believe that each students performs best at their own pace and study methods. Because of that, KAMK's prerequisite and minor studies are available online and always accessible.


KAMK teachers use the Moodle platform to deliver courses, give tasks to students, answer student questions and support their studies.

Do you like smartphones more than laptops? No problem!

Moodle is available as an Android application for mobile phones, it can be downloaded HERE