What are ECTS credits?

ECTS is a credit system designed to make it easier for students to move between different countries. Since they are based on the learning achievements and workload of a course, a student can transfer their ECTS credits from one university to another so they are added up to contribute to an individual's degree programme or training. More information can be found HERE

The places are limited, so what if i dont get selected to study at KAMK?


Through the KAMK study program you will earn ECTS credits. Students who complete KAMK courses receive ECTS credits which are the standard credit system across Europe. The study program allows students a great opportunity to enter the game development industry. As mentioned in the first question, ECTS credits are transferable to other universities in Europe.

I am already studying, how am i supposed to join?

The pre-requisite courses  are online based and students can do them from home. there is no contact teaching. The course will be open for approximately 3 weeks and students are free to decide how they study. The most important part is to take the exams in the times mentioned in each course.

What about grades or exams? 

All courses have scheduled exams through Moodle at the end of the course time. Each course has details about exam. Once the exam time ends, the system automatically checks the exams and gives grades to students.

What other costs are there for studying in Finland?

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.